“We provide construction services in Electrical Power System, Civil Constructions, Mechanical On-site Fabrication and MEP for Commercial and Residential Facilities. About 90% of our team comprises youths below the age of 27 years and is packed with energy to deliver both desktop and field services with more than 40 skilled and semi-skilled workers on payroll providing services to large and small contractors in Bhutan.

We offer skilled work force in the following fields

  • Installation of EHV substation equipment up to 220kV,
  • HT & LT power systems,
  • Civil construction works
  • Electrical construction works,
  • Mechanical installations/on-site fabrication works,
  • MEP installation services in commercial and residential facilities.

“The Serphel group is the outcome of collective inputs of many like minded friends to provide skilled manpower solutions through tapping talents of young and determined Bhutanese.